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Welcome to Johnson's Bin Cleaning


These Terms & Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between (Customer) "you" & Johnson's Bin Cleaning LLC also referred to as either "We", "Us" or "Our" "Johnson's Bin Cleaning" as an authorized user of such services provided by the company and any of its subsidiaries.

All trademark, Copyrights, logos, visual media, and more created by Johnson's Bin Cleaning ("Johnson's Bin Cleaning LLC") are protected by the terms and conditions.

By using the service, you confirm your acceptance of, and agree to be bound by this agreement.

1: Service

Johnson's Bin Cleaning provides a mobile Dumpster/ Trash Can cleaning service for both Residential & Commercial customers. Services will be billed on a "One Time" or Subscription/Recurring basis.

2: Your responsibility as a ("Customer") - ("Client")

  • Trash & Recycling bin(s) must be empty and available at the curb.
  • If the Customer ("Client") has an excessive amount of trash, enough to fill a small trash bag, you the ("Customer") will be subject to a re-bagging fee of $8.
  • If the amount of trash appears to be more than one small trash bag, your service will be rescheduled & subject to a fee of $20.
  • Bin(s) must be free of all animal & human waste.
  • Bin(s) will be free of any chemical, oils, paint, adhesive.
  • Bin(s) must be free of any & all building materials plaster, stucco, or concrete.

If any of the following conditions are not met, Johnson's Bin Cleaning will not perform service(s) & the customer "you" is still responsible for the payment. If Johnson's Bin Cleaning could not perform the service, the customer will be notified via text or phone call.

The customer "Client" understands that Johnson's Bin Cleaning will make every effort to get all debris out of the bin, certain substances require several treatments to be completely removed, and some stains cannot be removed.

Customer will allow Johnson's Bin Cleaning to utilize the driveway for cleaning process when necessary for safety protocols, and the customer releases Johnson's Bin Cleaning from any and all damages.

Customer may request a rescheduled appointment in the event they're unable to get bins outside. Multiple reschedule requests may be denied, and charges may apply to the account in the amount of service.

It is the customer's responsibility to make their empty bins available to be cleaned. Service notifications are sent out time in advance via email/Text messages. If Johnson's Bin Cleaning shows up to find no bins, full bins, or bins that are not able to be cleaned due to reasons stated above, the customer is subject to a $20 reschedule fee.

3: Johnson's Bin Cleaning Responsibilities

Johnson's Bin Cleaning will schedule the customer's on a preĀ­ planned route and notify the customer leading up to the day of service via email and/ or text message. Johnson's Bin Cleaning will attempt to service all bins on its pre-planned route.

If Johnson's Bin Cleaning is unable to provide its service(s) due to weather, vehicle maintenance, or any unforeseen events, every attempt necessary will be made to notify the customer for rescheduling at no additional fee.

4: Policy on charges

  • Debit or Credit card for recurring/subscription service or one-time service is required on file. We will automatically take payment for your next service after the service has been completed. This means that you will be charged for the next Month, Bi-Month or Quarter quite soon after sign up. "Applies to Subscription customers only"
  • Service will continue on a recurring automatic withdraw basis unless canceled.

The service is set up on one-time and recurring basis. The customer is responsible for paying all charges, including applicable taxes. The customer may choose to cancel the service at any time "additional fees may apply". If the Customer would like to make a change to the service plan, they must do so one week prior to service.

5: Subscription Cancellation policy

  • Monthly Service - One Visit every 4 weeks within the operating season. At minimum, 3 cleanings required before cancellation can occur. There will be $30 cancellation fee if 3 or more cleanings are not completed.
  • Bi-Monthly service - One visit every 8 weeks within the operating season. At minimum, 3 cleanings required before cancellation can occur. There will be $30 cancelation fee if 3 or more cleanings are not completed.
  • Quarterly - One visit every 12 weeks during the operating season. At minimum, 3 cleanings required before cancellation can occur. There will be $30 cancelation fee if 3 or more cleanings are not completed.

All service plans above are subject to a $30 cancellation fee if the customer breaks the 3 clean minimun policy.

Johnson's Bin Cleaning runs from April through November. All recurring subscriber payments will be paused until the next operating season which will then be automatically processed. Unless you the "Customer" cancels ahead of time.